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oh I just realised! I never posted my announcement for Kroeg here:

Kroeg (https://puckipedia.com/kroeg)'s my project to build a fast generic ActivityPub server; currently it's obviously aimed at being microblog-based, but building image sharing on top is easy. my site is currently run right on top!

@puckipedia Hi, according to this activitypub.rocks/implementati Kroeg implements the whole protocol.

On your page I read "ActivityPub Server", so am I right that you are building a server not a webapp like Mastodon?

And is it meant to be the backend of any social webapp frontend written in whatever language?

Does some of the projects that popped up lately use Kroeg as a backend?

@juh currently, Kroeg is aiming at just a server, but there will be at least one "frontend" included to communicate with the server. just like how you could run Mastodon without its frontend, though noone does that, or use its frontend with other servers
Jan Ulrich Hasecke @juh

@puckipedia It sounds exciting to have an APub server just like we now have HTTP Servers.

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