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What are precisely the consequences if I don't get the required SEUs for my + certs? I cannot keep my membership and thus save the money? But to get the cert again later, I've to take the classes again and pay much more? Is it even worth it?

Resetting 10 password with :
> sudo apt-get install chntpw # depends on package manager
> chntpw -u name-of-target-user SAM
So easy!

Dear, as a language learner, I would like to get some feedback on my improvement suggestions to know if it's even worth to continue submitting those. You get too many? Why let people pay with Lingots for such, to set a limit?

"Full cycle developers" - interesting term for a great idea
RT "Full cycle developers" is not just another catchphrase; it's about engineers taking ownership and delivering value, and doing so with the support of their entire organization. Learn more from the pioneers 2020:


To generate (e.g. to highlight parts of a string) in an pipe, bind to inner html or outerHTML:

<span [outerHTML]="yourContent | yourHighlightPipe"></span>

Sunday fun with Learning Spanish from French as a native German speaker, gives twice the value to the time ;-)

Ich benutze ja ein fettes Gaming-Headset für Videocalls, weil mir ein gutes Mikrofon nah am Mund wichtig ist, um verständlich rüberzukommen. Hat jemand Tipps für was kleineres? Klinkenkabel (kein Bluetooth), muss nicht stereo sein, on/in/around ear ist mir egal. Gutes Mikro!

Nobody really _masters_ the full stack of software Systems from UX and UI via databases, messaging systems all the way down to CI/CD, service meshes and networking; so there is probably almost no real . Maybe we could coin the term ?

... in between actually also and , but that was more like an intermezzo.

My point is, I love learning but I often wish I had more time for the basics than mostly to run after quickly changing technology requirements.

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This year I wanted to learn , but after some weeks I had to postpone because my job demanded to many other topics: deepen my , and knowledge as well as getting a foundation of etc. and and now ...

Raise your hand 🙌 if you use for writing 👩‍💻👨‍💻
RT Raise your hand 🙌 if you use VS code for writing Java 👩‍💻👨‍💻


Is there any logic behind when some feature for a list is a function or a method?

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