With 9/Ivy our prod js bundles shrank down to about 60% in size, awesome!

Merge request to upgrade to final @Angular@twitter.com 9.0.0 is opened, pipeline running ...

on a Thursday ;-) @sulco@twitter.com has great /#TypeScript tips.

@kuketzblog Die respektive gilt praktisch nur für kleine und mittelgroße Unternehmen.

A fool with a tool is still a fool.
A fool with toolkit is a threat.

RT @philipp_hauer@twitter.com I'm afraid that "Function As A Service" can lead to an even bigger distributed hell than microservice misuse. What used to be 3 microservices can now become 30 functions. Business workflows are getting even more distributed which is problematic.

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Last may, we wrote the first lines of code, now we proudly present the first version in production:
RT @VTG_AG@twitter.com Die nächste Stufe der Digitalisierung: mit unserer neuen digitalen Plattform sorgen wir für mehr Transparenz im . Mehr Infos unter traigo.com

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If now even the big US-based IT players participate in , all what's left "European" about it, is the fact that european tax payers have to pay for these subsidies.

Coming with 3.8:
- import type
- JavaScript/hard private fields:
- import * as namespace
- await outside of functions (top level)
- es2020 target

... and more, see details here:


To be honest, even though I've over 14years experience with C++, it's quite some years ago that I've actually used it.

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Programming in feels kinda wobbly,
still so with , but at least with safety belts and hints.

Programming in feels stable and save, but a bit clumsy,
and with the clumsiness is gone too.

And C++, that's like juggling with sharp blades ;-)

@cdonat And speaking of keyrings, yes that's ugly, but neither a language nor a problem with the VM, just with libraries.

@cdonat I was not even talking about Java as a language, but about GraalVM with SubstrateVM with which it's no problem writing CLI tools. And from what I've seen, C++ is getting more and more unnecessary complexity. I see no elegance like Kotlin has. But I only had a short glimpse on new C++ standards, it's just not my world anymore. We will never ever agree on this issue.

@cdonat I disagree strongly, C++ is getting worse and worse and with GraalVM and Kotlin the "Java" world ist getting netter and better.


might save you from getting shot by Santa
RT @memenetes@twitter.com Be careful what you wish for this xmas

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