might save you from getting shot by Santa
RT Be careful what you wish for this xmas


@lowlander Java Technology is the root of all evil. GraalVM won't safe you. Better ust C++ full stack ;-)

@cdonat I disagree strongly, C++ is getting worse and worse and with GraalVM and Kotlin the "Java" world ist getting netter and better.

@lowlander actually C++ is getting even better with every new standard, while the Java world has been a lost case for years: doesn't follow any standards anywhere (SSL keyrings, e.g.), even has issues to run external command line tools, too slow to write your CLI tools, and has a miserable model for ressource management. Remember, we couldn't use that simple and quick secure token system, based on ssh and PGP, just because Java wasn't able to verify the tokens by running a CLI command.

@cdonat I was not even talking about Java as a language, but about GraalVM with SubstrateVM with which it's no problem writing CLI tools. And from what I've seen, C++ is getting more and more unnecessary complexity. I see no elegance like Kotlin has. But I only had a short glimpse on new C++ standards, it's just not my world anymore. We will never ever agree on this issue.

@lowlander with SubstrateVM you give away the most important marketing claim of the whole Java world: write once, run everywhere. While that claim has always been more of wish, than reality, with SubstrateVM you don't even pretend it to become true any more.

@lowlander C++: I see more simplicity and elegance for the user of the language, on the expense of the implementors, which will have to deliver more complex tools. Since compilers and code analyzers are written far less often than used, I think, this is a fair tradeoff.

Of course you could have used enable_if<>, iterator pairs, and async programming before, but things get much simpler and more expressive with concepts, ranges and coroutines.

@cdonat And speaking of keyrings, yes that's ugly, but neither a language nor a problem with the VM, just with libraries.

@lowlander it is problem ofvthe Java world. And a very typical as well BTW.

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