is an approach for distributed computing where the data is stored and processed mainly decentralized close to or within those client devices which produce and need the data. See also , and .

() is an approach to keep |s between deployment units (especially in |s environments) synchronized. It also makes parallel development of client and server respectively frontend and backend possible.

The or states that languages shapes thoughts. It can also apply to programming languages.

One source of terms for my (*) project are topics which I think are important to know for software developers. Which topics do you think are important?

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We, as a team, once supported that the irreplaceable engineer switched to another team. It helped our team a lot.

There is also a great book about this topic: The Phoenix Project -

is the degree to which software modules are bound to each other. For a good design, we aim for low coupling. There are . See also .

The EU parliament wants , , etc Lets show them that millions of people are against it to prevent us from this threat of censorship on the internet!

I've signed and donated, on whose side are you?

is the degree to which parts of a software module interact on each other or rely on each other. For a good design, we aim for high cohesion. See also .

RT While negotiators are working on finding a compromise for the directive we analysed the current proposal for . Our flowchart shows this legislative monstrosity in all its glory. (1/8)


@rysiek In German: Aufruf an alle #Fediverse Admins von Instanzen in der #EU. Die #CopyrightDirektive kommt und wir müssen unseren EU Parlamentariern zeigen, wie sehr europäische Internetseiten betroffen sind.

Wir bereiten eine Liste aller EU-basierten #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale und verwandten Instanzen vor.

Bitte kontaktiert mich. Ich brauche nur euren Domainnamen, den EU Staat in dem die Seite gehostet wird und das grobe Thema der Instanz. Die ungefähre Nutzerzahl wäre hilfreich, ist aber nicht nötig.

Bitte helft mit, das ist wirklich wichtig!

A is a set of criteria used to monitor and characterize the quantitative requirements for a product. Quantifying the minimum, target and outstanding value as well as optionally who, why and by when.

is a concept from civil engineering which also applies to software systems. It emphasizes that different parts of systems tend to change a different speeds and thus need different design approaches.

The is an approach for documenting software architectures by It defines a hierarchy of models, each suited for a special target audience: context, containers, components, and code.

Interesting discussion about /#CD and .

It also made me aware that I've not even included etc. in my project, yet ;-)

RT I won't go into the discussion about if gitflow is better or not then trunk based (it is not imo). But can people please stop calling using gitflow CI/CD. It is not continuous, you are building stuff in isolation.


One source of terms for my (*) project are terms which I run into e.g. on conferences or while reading. Which terms have you recently learned?

(* Click on the hashtag to find out what's there!)

Internet in Deutschland am besten ganz abschalten.
RT Das Kanzleramt möchte unbedingt , obwohl sie im Koalitionsvertrag ausgeschlossen wurden!

Hilfst Du, die 5.000.000 Unterschriften gegen zu knacken? Unterzeichne hier & RT:


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