What could be the role of member of a cross-functinal team, who knows a little about everything needed in their project and can learn fast, but is not an expert in any of the knowledge areas currently needed?

If you change your terms&conditions, please make it easy to view the diff, not like @typeform@twitter.com did by changing it completely and let all users figure out what really has changed. Thanks.

Jede Woche gefühlt dutzende Projektanfragen auf , obwohl ich gar nicht verfügbar bin. Das nervt! Ich kann doch nicht 1h täglich Absagen formulieren. Bitte, @XING_de@twitter.com, macht dagegen etwas, Ideen hätte ich, fragt gerne!

Mit @Vodafone@twitter.com hat man in im S-Bahn-Tunnel zwischen Jungfernstieg und HBf zwar vollen UMTS Empfang aber Null Datendurchsatz.

No focus, no .

That's where it starts, and NOT with story-boards, standups, planning and review meetings. Maybe with retrospectives, though, but only if followed by focus (on value delivery).
RT @LeonTranterEU@twitter.com The Agile Fluency model: martinfowler.com/articles/agil

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Die hat mal wieder gezeigt, dass Deutsche ganz vorne mit dabei sind, wenn es um Anfälligkeit für extremistische Propaganda geht.

Das schöne an diesem Spruch ist, dass sich jeder darin bestätigt finden kann. Nur dass Linke, Rechte und Libertäre jeweils etwas ganz anderes dort hinein-interpretieren.


The (Integration Operation Segregation Principle) requires to separate operations (e.g. control flow, calculations or IO) or integrations (calls to functions of the same code base), but not both. This leads to short and easily testable functions.

is the next step after and makes sure that the integrated software could be deployed to production at any time. See also .

The solves the bad scalability of distributed (business) transactions with two-phase-commit by breaking the business transaction into activities which can be reverted with undo-steps, e.g. like a booking which can be cancelled.

means to call a method or send an event, even without any arguments. This kind of is not harmful and normal part of systems communication.

One of the next projects I would like to persue is hosting at @hostsharing@twitter.com with / @HasuraHQ@twitter.com / @PostgreSQL@twitter.com. Too bad that I am still too busy with other projects. But I really don't like that the big suck up the whole Internet.
RT @joshuamorony@twitter.com Hosting an @ionicframework@twitter.com PWA with Firebase hosting: buff.ly/2zLJdZy

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Die vermutlich schlechteste Benutzerführung aller Websites findet man bei Sky.de. unterirdische . @SkyDeutschland@twitter.com

Too bad that I don't have time for this event because I am busy getting our line- and branch-coverage as well as mutant kill-rate to 100%.
RT @KITesting@twitter.com So! It's time for the usual announcement of sessions this year!

First off, catch my webinar on the 28th of this month!

Are We Crazy? A Neuropsychological Investigation of Perfection in Testing

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is a template-based package management system for which makes it easier to maintain configurations. It consists of a commandline interface (), a serverside component () and optionally a browser-based ().

In "pure pipes" can lead to impure results and in many cases, you can only get pure results with "impure pipes". This is always confusing me.

An is a browser which updates itself frequently and automatically without user intervention. Sometimes, though, the term also seems to be used differently, as a nice term for still widely used legacy browsers.

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