A (short: ) stands for governed but decentralized collaboration of individual contributors to the production of some sort of value (e.g. software development) based on a set of rules built into a /#SmartContract.

@hostsharing diskutiert am 15. Dezember über ergänzende Geschäftsmodelle und einen flexibleren, sicheren Unterbau. Die konsequente Weiterentwicklung. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch.


in the context a is one part of and means that a transforms the data from one valid state to another, where valid means to follow all defined rules regarding |s, |s and |s.

Learning new new programming languages helps to learn new thinking and thus new solution patterns. For human languages there is the tandem principle: Mutually teaching the own language to otherd. How could it be done for progamming languages?

RT @ThePracticalDev@twitter.com He talked about learning, and at the moment I heard him say out loud "Next to your job you should spend 15-20 hours a week learning, you owe this to your employer." I noticed everybody looking like they just saw a ghost.
{ author: @johnhotterbeekx@twitter.com }

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Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every #encryption connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.



Good point about based (desktop) . Any couter argument?
RT @p_gwiazda@twitter.com @brunoborges@twitter.com @Talend@twitter.com The Chrome/JS IDEs like Atom or VS Code has the same problem. To render a bracket it generates <span class="bracket">{</span> then need to parse it again (sic!) to go to the screen. I could find better use cpu and memory than generating and parsing text.

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Wusstet ihr, dass die DKB bei jedem Logout aus dem Online-Banking Facebook darüber informiert, dass ihr grad "bei der Bank wart"? Sie verstößt damit gegen die DSGVO. Ich werd heut den Datenschutzbeauftragten des Landes Berlin darüber informieren.

Recherchiert hat das @kuketzblog. Im Blogbeitrag gibt es Details und eine erste Stellungname der Bank.

Details: kuketz-blog.de/banken-perfides
Stellungnahme: kuketz-blog.de/dkb-antwort-zum

(Common Vulnerability Scoring System) is a standard to numerically score the vulnerability of software systems. It can be calculated during the build process, e.g. by the dependency checker.

My congratulations to the eG for its 18th "birthday"! As I am one of the founders, I kinda have now accompanied my 2nd "child" into its adulthood ;-)

de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hostshar hostsharing.net/ @hostsharing@twitter.com

means to test software without considering its internal structure. Compared to it is more general term. The contrary is .

Matching employees to employers by key values. Great product by @lynnetye@twitter.com:


() means designing software by applying in small circles of : Write a failing (red), write production code to make it pass (green), refactor (see ) your code to make it clean.

A (short: ) is a distributed computer software system which is usually based on a running on a but also comprises other layers like a user interface and external persistence.

in the context a is one part of and means that a is either completely written to the database or not at all.

I've published a new blog article, a book review about "Java by Comparison: Become a Java Craftsman in 70 Examples" by @SimonHarrer@twitter.com, Jörg Lenhard and Linus Dietz/@Lynyus:


Thanks to @thebignet@twitter.com 's reply I found this great explanation about :


The starts on page 39:

RT @thebignet@twitter.com @javagil@twitter.com Validation monad?

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I need your help: What's the name of the of passing results and errors alongside in a stream / fluent interface like Promise/then/catch in , but as a general name, independent from asynchronousness.

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