Last may, we wrote the first lines of code, now we proudly present the first version in production:
RT Die nächste Stufe der Digitalisierung: mit unserer neuen digitalen Plattform sorgen wir für mehr Transparenz im . Mehr Infos unter


If now even the big US-based IT players participate in , all what's left "European" about it, is the fact that european tax payers have to pay for these subsidies.

Coming with 3.8:
- import type
- JavaScript/hard private fields:
- import * as namespace
- await outside of functions (top level)
- es2020 target

... and more, see details here:

To be honest, even though I've over 14years experience with C++, it's quite some years ago that I've actually used it.

Programming in feels kinda wobbly,
still so with , but at least with safety belts and hints.

Programming in feels stable and save, but a bit clumsy,
and with the clumsiness is gone too.

And C++, that's like juggling with sharp blades ;-)


might save you from getting shot by Santa
RT Be careful what you wish for this xmas


When coding in these days, I always want to write console.log(...) instead of e.g. logger.log(...), seems I was using too much / recently.

It's .

Wo dares to deploy to production today?

Don't you trust the quality gates in your CI/CD pipeline?

Hypothesis: If is too hard, you don't yet master your toolset.

You want to be a good manager?
Here is a great thread for you!
RT Here's some of the best advice I got when I became a manager last year! It's simple, but considering most people receive no management training whatsoever these days, it's better than nothing. Thread!


What are precisely the consequences if I don't get the required SEUs for my + certs? I cannot keep my membership and thus save the money? But to get the cert again later, I've to take the classes again and pay much more? Is it even worth it?

Resetting 10 password with :
> sudo apt-get install chntpw # depends on package manager
> chntpw -u name-of-target-user SAM
So easy!

Dear, as a language learner, I would like to get some feedback on my improvement suggestions to know if it's even worth to continue submitting those. You get too many? Why let people pay with Lingots for such, to set a limit?

"Full cycle developers" - interesting term for a great idea
RT "Full cycle developers" is not just another catchphrase; it's about engineers taking ownership and delivering value, and doing so with the support of their entire organization. Learn more from the pioneers 2020:


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