Is there a concept of "share on"?

Or in other words: Is it possible to have a "share on fediverse" button in a website where visitors just have to insert their instance?

Or is there no common to add content on a activity pub instance?

@juh not really possible today as the fediverse is made up of many different types of software that all do different things. the closest we could get is a "share on fediverse microblogs" cause Pleroma, Misskey, Friendica, Hubzilla,, all support similar type posts. But for instance, Pixelfed doesn't support text posts so you wouldn't be able to share text or a link to there even though its part of the fediverse and uses #ActivityPub

@liaizon Thanks for the hint. That was my fear. Is this a limitation of ActivityPub or a thing that could be fixed by the developers? AFAIK in case of Mastodon sharing is a simple URL with parameters after /share?

I guess that this could be somehow unified between the fediplanets.

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