Can someone shed some light on why the french government choosed and not ?

I use to lurk in some groups. I have no experience with Tox but I saw some Tox addresses in profiles.

I wonder why people obviously don't like . I guess that the french goverment fears to loose control if their servants use a p2p messenger. Or is it just venture capital that make the difference?

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Maybe #tox isn't running stable enough? I mean matrix, or rather the matrix-clients aren't that stable either but tox..


Ah, ok. I don't use Tox so I don't know how stable it works.

@juh tox isn't that stable and had its fair share of problems regarding their devs

@juh Well, think about it. By definition, P2P software is optimized for one-on-one communication, and makes it hard to have rooms, or communities. And those are important.

Also, P2P software suffers from a variety of technical problems. For one thing, it makes discovery difficult. Not something you want to hear about a public service.

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