Holy moly. I just compiled my local tot for the first time with --with-native-compilation (after installing libgccjit-11-dev) and I am more than amazed at the speed it delivers.

Using desktop.el my regular startup loads lots of buffers from the last sessions and so I am used to slow startup times. Usually I don't care as I do not quit emacs afterwards so this a per-boot (or per-session if something crashes) overhead which amortizes easily.



But the jit version just blazes through this startup. It then went on to compile stuff in the background without affecting the running session.. πŸ§™

🏎️ checking mails and nntp groups on gmane.io is nearly

I stand in awe to the guys behind this work of supercharging Emacs just like that. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

To put numbers to this I guess I need to uninstall this version and do a real comparison of startup times.

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