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As we are talking a lot about energy lately, I think it makes sense to draw attention (again) to this fabulous website showing energy production and consumption in real time:


Clicking on individual countries shows the import and export.

Next time you read some numbers, you will be in a better position to judge for yourself.

I think it's glorious that there's now a Mastodon server operated by people who used to work for Twitter (macaw.social). I could have never imagined it when I started in 2016.

People have forgotten the entire purpose of rights: to protect the minority from the majority.

The majority never itself requires freedom of speech, press, or religion, because it is their opinion that defines the popular and acceptable. Only the *un*popular requires a defense.

@dzu didn't realize it had a standard key binding, nice. I have it bound to E.

Is the `query-replace' restriction from wdired? I don't see why one shouldn't search for "r--" and replace it with "r-x", or want to query "/projects/" and replace it with "/src/" in links, as examples. Perhaps I'm thinking about this the wrong way? I usually personally just do simple file renaming with wdired.

My view: The climate loss&damage fund should also be filled by those companies who knowingly sell a dangerous product and actively mislead the public about the risks and lobby against climate policy. Precedent is the tobacco companies’ case.

Mein Schreibprozess hat 10 Phasen:

1) Starr mich nicht so an, leeres Dokument, ich kann nicht wenn jemand guckt 🙈
2) ich schreib jetzt einfach alles in den Papers auf
3) was soll ich jetzt mit drei Seiten loser Textfragmente? 🤔
4) OK, vielleicht hilft ein guter Einstieg?
5) den ganzen Text passend zum Einstieg neu schreiben
6) Einstieg löschen, weil Mist
7) Schluss schreiben
8) Text passend zum Schluss umschreiben
9) Darlings killen 🥺
10) oh, wo kommt den plötzlich der Artikel her? 😲

Because it is so useful - here is another reminder that you can actually rename files by edit operations in dired buffers. Press C-x C-q to enter 'wdired' mode and edit the filename, link and mode to your hearts delight. C-c C-c or C-x C-s will commit the changes to disk.

It goes without saying that a 'query-replace' operation will limit itself to the filenames. So e.g. replacing spaces by underscores in a whole directory is straight forward.

@dzu yeah I agree! An important step forwards for Emacs imo :)

@dzu nice! Yes that's me :) I'm really looking forward to the merge!

I also don't understand why double and float are not in c-keywords but then again I am not sure if I understand things enough...

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Yesterday I did a side-by-side comparison of an old C file of mine with the syntax coloring of c-mode and c-ts-mode. I like the latter more, but there are things I do not yet understand why they are "not on par" with c-mode.

So I thought I need to understand things better to find why things are the way they are.

But the sheer elegance of doing it the treesitter way is an absolute joy to look at.

@theothornhill Hey, I just noticed you on Mastodon - is it correct to assume that you are the same Theodor working on the Tree-Sitter major mode support in ?

Looking at your patches inspired me to switch to the tree sitter branch and install tree-sitter.

I can't help but notice many toots from helpful newbies encouraging you to support the Mastodon Patreon.

It's fine to do that but understand it goes to just two big instances and the official Mastodon dev team.

It does NOT trickle down to YOUR instance. If you want to support your server, donate to it directly. Nearly all the costs of the explosive growth of the past few weeks is borne by local instances.

Mastodon is decentralized. There is no Mastodon Inc. This is not Twitter.

#journalism #journaHost #twitterMigration

Next group setting up a journalism instance, do it right, ok?

1. Assume you need ~1 mod per 50-150 users, until you have evidence to the contrary.

2. Mods need to be people you trust, and willing boot those who are exploring the boundaries on first offence: trying to find exactly where the line goes is evidence of bad intent. Good actors color within the lines.

4. Keep your list of moderated servers public, seed it with the well known cesspits.

Empfindet ihr Mastodon Polls als eine nicht nur technisch sinnvolle Bereicherung des Contents?

Der Scheff sagt, wenn wir auf Mastodon mehr Follower haben als auf Facebook, schaltet er den Facebook-Kanal ab. Wenn ihr also an Themen rund um Medien- und Digitalkompetenz mit Schwerpunkt auf Familien interessiert seid, folgt gerne unserem Verein unter @mkt_ka

Für Fachkräfte veröffentlichen wir regelmäßig Informationen und Ergebnisse aus unseren Projekten. In #Karlsruhe sind wir auch vor Ort unterwegs.

Dann könnte ich zumindest diese Baustelle der Schande endlich mal abhaken... 😉

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