"The total word count of the W3C specification catalogue is 114 million words at the time of writing. If you added the combined word counts of the C11, C++17, UEFI, USB 3.2, and POSIX specifications, all 8,754 published RFCs, and the combined word counts of everything on Wikipedia’s list of longest novels, you would be 12 million words short of the W3C specifications."


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"I used wget to download all 1,217 of the W3C specifications which have been published at the time of writing1, of which web browsers need to implement a substantial subset in order to provide a modern web experience. I ran a word count on all of these specifications. How complex would you guess the web is?"


Schafft den Schulranzen ab!

von Bent Freiwald

Sie kosten Eltern bis zu 250 Euro, die Preise sind manipuliert und die Ranzen eigentlich völlig unnötig.


Ok, predictably this hit other people also so it seems to be under discussion to not enable it by default [1]. A quick check shows it is still enabled in master and latest stable.

So I'll have to wait somewhat longer to again remove that command line option.

[1] lists.freedesktop.org/archives

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In technical systems I have long become a pessimist but I am still sad when reality is even worse than my imagination:

Some (all?) printers refuse to scan or fax after they run out of ink:


Just recently I finally got rid of an old Deskjet which was still in use for scanning years after its last ink ran out. It feels weird that Canon silently overtook HP in its strive to patronize the user....

"Das Ergebnis der Sondierungsgespräche liegt vor."


"Ein inhaltsfreies Herumgeseier, das die Intelligenz des Lesers beleidigt. Ich kann fühlen, wie meine Hirnzellen sterben, wenn ich das lese!"


Dass man #Liefers zur Coronavorsorge befragt, ist in etwa so zielführend, wie zur Nagelstylistin zur Darmkrebsvorsorgeberatung zu gehen. Das würde nur dann Sinn machen, wenn Darmkrebs oder Corona eine Meinung wären. Es ist brandgefährlich, Schwurbler als Experten zu behandeln.

Damn. New Android app crashed 3/4 into a 30km velodrom race 😠

Linux running on RISC-V on MNT RKX7! A completely* open computer down to the CPU gateware.

* the only wart is that it needs Vivado's synthesize/place+route tools to build the gateware source for Kintex-7

In the odd case there are any C developers with passion for working on open source, embedded and/or "close to the OS" development work, in either freelance or permanent capacity, at @sysmocom@twitter.com we're currently looking at growing our team.

Random quote of the day:

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: a standards paper is
just so much toilet paper when it conflicts with reality. It has
absolutely _zero_ relevance. In fact, I'll take real toilet paper over
standards any day, because at least that way I won't have splinters
and ink up my arse.


And by the way - there is a Unix design principle of "Avoid unneccessary output", but the 5.14 Linux kernel produces 1100 lines of logs before the first user space process starts to work.

Back in the "good old days", checking a kernel boot log was a matter of seconds - nowadays I am tempted to grab a new cup of coffee and check the schedule for the next hour before doing "journalctl -b-1"

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Some more research on the web showed that SME is Secure Memory Encryption:


With this knowledge, appending "mem_encrypt=off" to the kernel command line fixes the graphics problem.

So even though the AMD technology of SME is not compatible with the built-in AMD graphics unit of the Ryzen 5 2400G, Linux insists on turning it on nevertheless?

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So is now on kernel version 5.14. The first boot of this kernel on my Ryzen 5 2400G machine ended with a non-working second monitor and the first monitor working only in 1024x768 resolution. The latter was also not changeable through GNOME preferences.

Wading through the boot logs I found this:

amdgpu 0000:08:00.0: amdgpu: SME is not compatible with RAVEN

amdgpu: probe of 0000:08:00.0 failed with error -524

Das wird ja morgen ein langer Tag für @ABaerbock@twitter.com, @c_lindner@twitter.com und @OlafScholz@twitter.com… Da wollen wir natürlich helfen:
CCC veröffentlicht Formulierungshilfe für Digitales im neuen Regierungsprogramm

So in I used an file to allow entering the german diaresis chars with the super keys on my english keyboard:

keycode 30 = u U udiaeresis Udiaeresis
keycode 108 = Mode_switch
keycode 134 = Mode_switch
clear lock
!keysym Alt_L = Mode_switch
!keysym Alt_R = Mode_switch
add Mod1 = Mode_switch
add Mod1 = Super_L
add Mod1 = Super_R

This does not work anymore for . Is there an easy way to achieve the same thing?

RT @roberto_blanko@twitter.com

Positiv am Ingenieurdasein ist, dass ich noch nie mit jemandem über alternative Statik, traditionelle chinesische Schwerkraft oder sanfte Thermodynamik diskutieren musste.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/roberto_blanko/sta

Even worse - accessing the server with the Let's Encrypt certificate through Microsoft Edge installed the required certificate into the list of "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" without any Windows update or even a notification:


Changing this fundamental list sneakily abruptly increased my trust into the PKI handling from Microsoft enormously 🤦

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