We have quite a lot of open positions and I am happy about every application in general, but there are so many where people do not even look up one thing about the position.
1. It's a government job. The pay is started in the offer. Negotiations are not possible.
2. It's a position in the German Aerospace Center, but if your sole motivation is flight) space you will be disappointed.
3. If you do not have a university degree, we cannot hire you as a researcher.

@caha42 4. If you apply for all positions we offer (which is a wide range) you are out. You can't be skilled or passionate for everything.
5. Have at least anything(!) which relates to the position in your application.
6. Value the time people will put in reading your application. Incomplete or applications full of errors are rude.

@caha42 don't you miss some information, like e.g. a link to the job openings? Or did I miss it?


@caha42 thank you :-)

Actually for those jobs, that might have been interesting for me, the payment if far to low. Considering the extremly high taxes in Germany and the heavy "Neidkultur", I'll better stay in Switzerland for the time being, even though these jobs might be pretty interesting, the difference in living standards is too big to put up with.

@cdonat knowing the wages in Switzerland I understand you very well. 😁 But taking the cost of living in the areas in account, they pay okay. In comparison with industry they unfortunately are still lower, but therefore the jobs are much more fun (in my opinion)! 😊

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