After France 🇫🇷, next stop Belgium 🇧🇪🛑

Yesterday, the Belgian Constitutional Court annulled the mass data retention regime following the CJEU ruling (Oct 2020) that found that the Belgian mass surveillance regime needs to comply with EU law and respect the right to privacy 👇...

Signed the petition for the leader of the criminal kingdom of the Netherlands Mark Rutte to step down

Slowly tumbling down: the Netherlands' place in the World Press Freedom Index:
2019: number 4
2020: number 5
2021: number 6

Dutch tax payers, paying for public broadcasting corporation NOS, are unfortunately financially strengthening Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. (scroll to bottom)
cc @digitalcourage @kuketzblog

"In Berlin gibt es ein enormes netzaktivistisches Potenzial, von dem ich mir wünsche, dass es in den nächsten Jahren sichtbarer wird. " Interview mit der Aktivistin @ElaKa

Advantages of not being middle class can be found in "Once in a lifetime" by the Talking Heads.

Signed the petition to cancel the mass Corona party (10.000 people) in the Dutch southern city of Breda.

Dutch government illegally shoves 925 million euros of public money to a private foundation of former general Middendorp. Who are "the good ones", again?

Local public transport volunteer in Nijmegen officially ignored by the authorities for doing his work, which he apparently wasn't supposed to do.

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