Honoured to have been elected unanimously by @fsfe 's members to serve another two-year term as president.

Looking forward to work together with Heiki, Patrick and all the other @fsfe contributors for #softwarefreedom !


#freesoftware #fsfe #opensource

Unfortunately there's no winner in the "how many sides does a box have"-poll.

The right answer, ofcourse, is 8:
1. upside
2. downside
3. left side
4. right side
5. front side
6. back side
7. inside
8. outside

So in the Netherlands farmers are above the law.

How many sides does a box have?

Remembering the proprietary software product training I received in the Dutch system.

Just on time for the International Day Against DRM #IDAD on Saturday, 10/12, we've designed these fun new dust jackets you can put on any book to let the world know how you feel about #DRM! Read more: https://u.fsf.org/2xc https://status.fsf.org/attachment/1457020

In the run up to International Day Against () I've freed my audio collection to lossless - defectivebydesign.org/action - cc @dbd

Do you know there is a #nonprofit inernational aid organization based in Berlin that works on #sustainable solutions for challenges in #HumanitarianAid by publishing all their innovation as #OpenSource? (#hardware & #software)

It is called cadus.org

Since many years already, CADUS helps and provides healthcare in Northern #Syria, in Rojava, Raqqa, Al-Hawl. And they still do!

Now would be a pretty good time to support them.

Die Wertschätzung des Fahrradverkehrs in Europa. Heute: Ungarn. (Netzfundstück)

Would you like to join us and other organisations to support the open letter on #FreeSoftware / #OpenSource #EU #Policy recommendations?


If so, see the instructions at the end of the letter.

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