@euobs@twitter.com @EU_EDPS@twitter.com 🇬🇧 EU parliament quietly collects visitors' wi-fi data, @euobs@twitter.com reported in 2019. The @EU_EDPS@twitter.com investigated the case and found significant issues: edps.europa.eu/sites/default/f

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In onze februari-nieuwsbrief interviewen we onze oprichter en oud-voorzitter Georg Greve, reflecteren we op de #IloveFS-dag en onze #FOSDEM-participatie, plaatsen we onze nieuwe vacature en brengen we verslag uit van onze gemeenschapsactiviteiten:

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🇬🇧 Incredible: Microsoft decides which e-mail Members of the European Parliament get to read in their inbox. It's called Outlook spam filter and cannot be disabled.

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Maybe it's time for an international truth commission, so we can hear the USA Federal Trade Commission in order to find out who bought who.

In support of the European citizen's initiative , to ban biometric mass surveillance.

After #FOSDEM "[o]ur community will not accept a backslide to #Zoom or any of the many other proprietary solutions." sfconservancy.org/blog/2021/fe full agreement with @conservancy #nt

Dear developers, day 2021 is over but I'm still diggin' on you.

One of the defining differences between the Netherlands and serious countries like France and Germany is that they have people's sovereignty and we have several layers of self-elected nepotism above us.

The box of clouds can be found in the video of "Anywhere is" by Enya.

Those who trade Freedom for mass surveillance deserve neither and will lose both.

Less than a week! Join us to celebrate the l ❤️ Free Software Day with us. meetup.com/Barcelona-Free-Soft We have a small surprise prepared for those that attend! #ilovefs

Still not loving Zoom, WhatsApp and Microsoft? Am Di, 16.02., ab 18 Uhr findet wieder eine #gnuHU Online #CryptoParty statt – diesmal auf dem neuen #BigBlueButton Server der HU! Alle weiteren Infos dazu gibt es hier: hu.berlin/gnuhu-cryptoparty2

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