"Hell is empty, all the devils are here" - The Tempest, Shakespeare

For the unfortunately ethically bankrupt Dutch law enforcement it would have been too much too ask for to arrest financial criminals like Gerrit Zalm and the Dutch finance ministers after him, who would be rotting away in prison if this would have been a state of law, which was prevented in 1813.

As prices are going up with this speed, it pays to walk faster when shopping, in order to reach the cash desk before the next price adjustments.

One of the lessons of the 1920s is that you can't push the money printing press continuously as if that will not have serious consequences.

Association of Dutch municipalities wants to start experimenting with electronic counting of votes three years earlier, in 2022.

Not enough Corona victims: the ruling scum in The Hague has decided to significantly reduce ventilation norms in hotels, restaurants and pubs, way below WHO norms, so that the aerosols can disperse Corona more effective in the Netherlands.

Dutch European citizens and SMEs pay for law enforcement, which refuses to arrest the politicians in The Hague who have the blood of thousands on their hands.

The ability to invisibly hack your phone is being sold to countries at the red-hot intersection of a Venn Diagram between “desperately craves the tools of oppression” and “sorely lacks the sophistication to produce them domestically.”

Why is it legal?


Daniel Hale, one of the great American Whistleblowers, was just moments ago sentenced to four years in prison. His crime was telling this truth: 90% of those killed by US drones are bystanders, not the intended targets.

He should have been given a medal. t.co/3i4IbkrfI3

As an experience expert (former editor TV Nijmegen) I'm available for analysis of the dismantling of local public broadcasting in the Netherlands in general and Nijmegen in particular.

As far as I'm concerned all subsidized proprietary software teachers in the Netherlands should be judged as the terrorists they are.

Those who steal our dreams, our time and our money shouldn't get away with it.

The Netherlands ceased to be a state of law on November 20th, 1813.

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