"In the Netherlands people will not ever have to carry ID in public", according to society and history teacher Karel B.
(my translation)

Got my first warning against cyborgs in a comic from Antwerp


(the cyborg says: "Me, a spy? Come on, little Lambik", in Dutch)

FSF is participating in Outreachy with an internship project titled: Write PHP code that enables nonprofits to accept and manage cryptocurrency donations. Apply by Sep 20 at 4pm UTC, outreachy.org/apply/

Tomorrow I'll receive a package from PostNL. As I have to sign for it and they don't want physical contact, they need the last three numbers of my ID card, "so we can sign for you".

Wer die ARD-Reportage noch nicht kennt - anschauen.

"Das Microsoft-Dilemma: Europa als Software-Kolonie"


Video direkt aufrufen: invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=_ZaDu

Und gerade höre ich, dass die Verantwortlichen, die Windows dort durchgedrückt haben, da noch gutes Geld hinterherwerfen wollen, um Windows sicherer zu machen. Vielleicht recherchiert unsere Qualitätsjournaille mal, welches Schlangenöl die dort einsetzen wollen.

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EU Commission announces plans for "European digital identity", which we should "use for everything", from online shopping to tax returns. The German Federal Constitutional Court has banned lifetime personal identification numbers because they encourage screening. Using multiple profiles and pseudonyms is of existential importance for many people and groups! What we really need is decentralized identity servers of your own choice that are interoperable.

Enjoyed a professional FSFE web-a-thon with Big Blue Button, hosted excellently on Hostsharing.


@fsfe @hostsharing

I just saw that Google changed their image search tool: Until recently you could choose pictures "labeled for reuse" or "labeled for reuse with modification" etc.

Now you can only choose between "Creative Common Licenses" and "Commercial & other licenses"

This is misleading: You can and should use Creative Commons licensed content for commercial use (except the NC-licenses of course).

Too bad, Google emphasises a wrong understanding of free licenses.

🇩🇪Die EU-Kommission prüft, Europol die Verfolgung unserer Internetnutzung über Abfrage von IP-Adressen zu erlauben.
🇬🇧EU Commission is looking into allowing Europol to trace us online via our IP address.

A privacy issue in BigBlueButton is that you have to allow WebRTC.

Member of the Dutch political establishment Peter Noordanus (PvdA) published (decades too late) a plan to fight drugs crime in the Netherlands, but mentions technology only once: "top criminals from South America invest in technology" (my translation). As usual in this country, citizens aren't expected to offer their informed commentary.

Plan: content1a.omroep.nl/urishieldv (in Dutch; PDF alert)

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