#FinancialCrisis #Bankrun #Hyperinflation 

#BiometricSurveillance #FacialRecognition 

- Het project zoekt ziekenhuizen, zorgprofessionals en bedrijven in de gezondheidszorg voor het testen van open bron software voor het gedecentraliseerd uitwisselen van data - joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection -

As the neoliberal Dutch government isn't going to provide me with face protection I've ordered a mask myself.

- As known the kingdom of the has a "herd imunity" and shares a land border with Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany and (at St. Martin) the Fifth Republic. Nowhere in these advanced countries there is a "herd imunity" policy.

With so many people in various degrees being above the law here in the corrupt nepotistic "divide and rule" playing neoliberal kingdom of the Netherlands, I demand acces to a database where you can check your citizenship level -

- Expertbrochure voor het moderniseren van publieke digitale infrastructuur met Publieke Code: vertaalde versies online - fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202003 -

Thinking about the best ways to prepare for hyperinflation.

The Dutch government borrows 45-65 billion euro's. The thought of hyperinflation must make the neoliberal politicians happy.

Back from a supermarket in Nijmegen. Everything except toilet paper is available. People generally take distance and don't pay with cash.

Everything that the ethically bankrupt Dutch government is saying and doing is their own personal responsibility.

There is no such thing as "herd immunity", there are only other people's lives - -19

Please excuse me for the Dutch government's policy on -19

#TERREG negotiations on #uploadfilters and ultra-fast content removals are becoming more critical. My blogpost with background information is now also available in French🇫🇷, Spanish🇪🇸, Italian🇮🇹 and Croatian🇭🇷 - please share! #SaveYourInternet patrick-breyer.de/?p=589500&la

- Uit veiligheidsschandaal rond WhatsApp blijkt de behoefte aan gedecentraliseerde berichtdiensten en digitale soevereiniteit - fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202002 -

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