In less than 10 hours I will be encircled by dangerous lunatics again.

If something is, or has become, mainstream that does IMHO not automatically mean that it is ethically or something to strive for.
Some examples:
- proprietary software
- lightning equipment which does not allow you to replace the LED's
- More packaging for groceries than needed
- Coffee packed in aluminium cups

In onze #November #Nieuwsbrief: ons jaarverslag en de nieuwe #VrijeSoftware strategie van de Commissie. We hebben nieuwe stafleden,
een nieuwe oproep voor FSFE gemeenschapsprojecten, #REUSE slaat aan, etc.:

Did your secondary school (high school, college, ...), like mine, feature barracks in which continuously mandatory classes were organised?

Today I learned the basic concepts of machine learning.

Je ne suis pas bien dans la Teams, billet ouvert à la présidence de l’université Lyon2 et la direction de l’ICOM

Bye bye l'équipe

Madame la Présidente de l'Université Lyon2, Madame la Directrice de l'ICOM de la même université,

#donnéespersonnelles #gafamisation #lyon2 #résistance #réunion #teams #université #visioconférence

Thinking about the software colony of the declining kingdom of the parochial Netherlands in the night.

In 1999 I was, at lowest level, involved in Y2K-solutions.

Dutch minister Ferd "The Confiscator" Grapperhaus now wants to confiscate people's belongings without a conviction. So whatever you have can be "suspect" because he said it. He must have watched the other way when the basics of 'rule of law' were explained.

If it would have been my job to work in the Dutch army to spy on Dutch citizens for political reasons, I would quit immediately. This is not a regular police state anymore, they've sunk to a new level.

The Fifth Republic features departments and regions, S-bahn- and tram systems (even in medium size cities), high-speed rail to several direct neighbours, a meritocratic non-discriminating education system, an explainable public broadcasting system, elected mayors, and a public sector advancing Free Software, but the ruling mafia of the declining Netherlands traditionally knows better. 🇬🇧 reports about EU interior ministers plans to sacrifice securely encrypted online communications for surveillance purposes:

You can protest against this attack on our private communications until 24th of November:

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#gnuHU lädt im Kontext der Online-Veranstaltung “Digitale Autonomie durch Freie Software" ( zum gleichnamigen #Gastvortrag mit Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Gerwinski ( - HS Bochum, Professur für Hardwarenahe IT-Systeme:

Zeit: Do, 19. Nov. 2020, 19:00-21:00 c.t.

Ort und Details: Siehe den entsprechenden Abschnitt im Moodle-Kurs der Veranstaltung:




Civil society groups have warned about the threat the new EU regulation on "terrorist content" online poses to human rights for years.

This week EU negotiators are heading into what's likely the last round of talks. Read what's at stake:

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